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Add.: 11/F, Liwan Building A, Qianhai Road 0101,Nanshan District, 518055 Shenzhen, P.R.C.

Tél : +86 755 86196826

Fax: +86 755 86196826 (ext.8004)

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Green revolution factory

SHENZHEN GREEN POWER REVOLUTION AG (G.REVOLUTION) is an ISO9001 and ISO14000 certificated LED lighting manufacturer, headquarter locates at the Qianhai Free Trade Zone of Shenzhen for international trading. By adopting SAP management system, G.REVOLUTION factories strictly perform to international quality standards. Having a team of professional engineers, a series of advanced manufacturing facilities and testing equipment we guarantee the production of world class products. Together with a vertically integrated sourcing process, we achieve the most cost effective products in the most time effective manner.

G.REVOLUTION designs and manufactures products that are safe, efficient, economical and durable. The company has been focus on researching and designing market-oriented products which emphasizes on safety certification, quality improvement, energy-saving and price competitiveness.

Through acknowledging every small detail and catering to special requests of our customers, we have gained the trust and loyalty from our global distributors, contractors and multinational buyers..

About us

Green Power Revolution

Industrial Lighting manufacturer

Let's care about your environment

Green Revolution
Let's save energy
Light energy saving

Mature, LED technology allows you to achieve significant energy savings over traditional lighting or fluorescent tubes.

Improve your comfort

We only supply certified "Exempt" luminaire according to the IEC / EN 62471 standard which concerns the photobiological risks. We can guarantee a hight quality lighting to promote an optimal working environment.

IEC / EN 62471 - Comfort

About us

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lightning conception
Light Consumption
Consumption :

Our LED luminaires have a well-above-average power consumption ratio. You can check it yourself by checking our products web pages.

Cost savings

As a manufacturer, we can guarantee very competitive prices compared to the market price for equivalent products. Contact us and see by yourself!

Product Lifespan

Our LED lights have a lifespan just amazing. As an example, our multifunction projector has passed the ErP test at TUV:> 100 000 hours L70 measured over 6000 hours of tests!


We do our utmost to design "all-in-one" luminaires that are capable of satisfying several different usage configurations. This represents a significant storage gain for distributors and resellers.

Product storage
Several factors make the use of our LED products cost-effective:
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